Welcome to Cafe Madras

Welcome to Cafe Madras London, we bring the taste of authentic, freshly-cooked South Indian cuisine to you. At Cafe Madras London our aim is to provide great food, great ambience and great service.

As a dining neighbourhood restaurant, we strive to run Cafe Madras as an establishment which offers authentically prepared quality South Indian cooking. Our ethos is not only to offer refined and flavoursome South Indian cooking with imagination, but also to infuse it with organic, healthy and free range ingredient wherever possible.

South India is known worldwide for trading its spices, such as curry leaves, tamarind, cardamom, ginger turmeric and black pepper. At Cafe Madras we invite you to experience a taste of South India’s many villages’ traditions. Incorporated in our food is a constant reminder of all South Indian traditions, for example Idli, sambar, chutney, Dosa, Vada and Bisi Bella Bath.

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